16th ESC Congress – Ghent, Belgium

16th ESC Congress – Ghent, Belgium

16th Congress of the European Society of Contraception and Reproductive Health

25-28 May 2022, Ghent, Belgium
Challenging times, are we ready? Novel approaches to sexual and reproductive health

Challenging times indeed, we live in a “Flat World”, without boundaries, not from a physical nor from an emotional point of view. During this congress we have the great opportunity to focus on a number of themes which are at the heart of this evolution.

  1. The many faces of birth control with new views on contraception and abortion
  2. “Sex in the city” with STI’s and innovative solutions in the pharmaceutical industry
  3. The social media and LGTB+ creating opportunities for further sexual liberation?
  4. The collateral damage of this rapidly changing world such as sexual violence and (dys)function.
  5. The “Flat World” has an impact on our thinking about values, ethics and policy making.

We wish you an inspiring journey during the congress.

Mireille Merckx and Steven Weyers
Presidents of the congress

Mary Short
ESC President & Chair of the Scientific Committee